Agents Login

    M8 Casino has a wide range of products, most fair, just and open system on the market many gaming sites, we are proud to offer members the most favorable feedback, giving partners the most advantageous profit return! Whether you have the network resources or network resources, you are welcome to join the ranks of the M8 casino partners, without the burden of any cost, you can start unlimited income. M8 Casino is definitely your smartest choice! In order to have a new proxy agent revenue, we will launch a set of agents who can benefit leaving the agency system.

    Agent Application

    1. Click on the [Agent Registration] apply online, fill in the correct information, e-mail, phone, the name must be truthful, and pay you a commission to facilitate future, if later discovered the error information when paying commissions, are not given pay commission.

    2. After successful registration agent, edit your winnings later to receive bank account, bank user name, agency account, sent to the mailbox, we bind each month the system will automatically provide you with a commission to the bank on the account, the agent you want to change your bank account, you must contact the online customer service one week in advance to be modified, otherwise the companies will not be responsible. M8 online entertainment will evaluate the application review Union message, within 3 days from the opening of the Commissioner contact you, and provide your registration account, password, and promote links. [Acting Commissioner Wechat: mmmbet / mmmbet1 M8 Casino (Acting Division) E-mail: [email protected] If not within three days, please contact us commissioner. ]

    Agent Commission Scheme
    Sportsbook / Casino / Slot Games / Lottery
    Total Win Commision Total Win Commision
    0 ~ 10,000 5% 50,001 ~ 100,000 20%
    10,001 ~ 25,000 10% 100,001 ~ 1,000,000 25%
    25,001 ~ 50,000 15% 1,000,001 30%

    Please keep in mind that any use dishonest methods to defraud the commission will be permanently frozen accounts, the commission will be non-refundable!


    1. While valid in the month the number of members is 5 .

    2. M8 online entertainment registered in Manila, is Asia's largest and one of the fastest growing online casinos offer fun and excitement of Live Dealer Casino, Keno, sports betting, casino slot machines, virtual games, and poker games. Cagayan Economic Zone Authority has sports betting and casino company license.

    3. M8 online entertainment as a well-known online betting company providing the widest range and most competitive products.

    4. Total win is deduct before calculating the bonus commission. Upline entitle the commission is based on downline loses amount.

    5. Month commission calculated as follows:
    (Company total win: total win 120000 - bonus & rebate 20000.)
    (120000-20000) x 25% = 25,000 (commission) .

    Feedback / commission payments

    Union commission calculation, billing interval Sunday before the first Monday of the month to the first Monday of next month, the members of profit to the Union scheme dividend calculated after deducting the corresponding preferential alliance system members, administrative fees, commissions Support by the agent in the first Thursday of each month beginning with the agent commission after checking in before the first Sunday of each month the commission directly into the bank account designated proxy Union.