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Do not miss the opportunity of making money with slot game Great Blue
[ 03-06-2016 ]
Do not miss the opportunity of making money with slot game Great Blue

As you know, one of the reasons why slot game is the most favorite game for many people is the chance of making money easily. Most of this slot game online is extremely simple to play and slot game Great Blue is one of them. Do not miss your chance of earning money, let’s play this slot game and you will find your decision is correct.

Before starting to play, you need to know that Great Blue contains two versions are traditional version with 3 reels and new one with 5 reels. At the traditional version, any three reels would have 5 forms of payout lines. It requires player need to match all the combination of desired symbols if they want to give payout line. With 5 reels slot, this is new version and as I see, player like this version than old one. In this version, players allowed got prizes in many other forms from horizontal, zigzag or diagonal. It is easily find that the new version is flexible than old version, right. It allows players can get prizes more easily. So, I suggest players should try to play with 5 reels slot.

At M8win online casino at Malaysia - When going to play slot game Great Blue, you need to pay attention to special symbols such as Whale, Shark, Pearl and Clamshell. They are the highest value symbols that can help you get the biggest prizes. Whale is wild symbol, it can replace for any other one but except scatter symbol. Why I say Whale is one of the highest value symbols? Because every time this symbol appears in winning combination, the system will double your prize. About scatter symbol, it contains Shells and Pearl. I have to say I really like these scatter symbols. Not only they are very lovely and friendly but it also brings huge prizes. If you get 2, 3, 4 or 5 these scatter symbols on the reels, your total bet will suitably multiply with 2, 5, 20 or 500 times. Therefore, if you play with Bet Max, you can win up to $2,500,000 per spin.

To win the highest prizes as I say above, you need support of bonuses. And Great Blue offers players attractive bonus rounds. You will get bonus round if you hit 3 or more clamshell and if so, you also can add 15 free spins.

You should remember that before deciding to play with real money, you need to play free at first to get more understanding about this exciting game especially about pay line and pay table. When playing slot game Great Blue, you also need to study how to Random Number Generator work and must understand that this game just is a game of luck. Be keep yourself in good mood when playing.

Over a million people in the world like and play this slot game. This has demonstrated its attraction. What are you waiting for live casino Malaysia online? Let’s start to play Great Blue right now!