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Effective tips for Monkey Thunderbolt Bet
[ 11-10-2016 ]

Effective tips for Monkey Thunderbolt Bet

The online slot game Monkey Thunderbolt has attracted the majority of gambler when coming to Malaysia online casino to relax and join in bet to win the reward. This slot games is not complicated for player to understand and place bet because they just need to decide which pretty monkey will come to top of the world first and bet on it. This game mainly depends on player’s fortune to win the bet; however, there are also some effective Monkey Thunderbolt tips they can reference and apply them to attain the win.

The basic principal you must keep in mind to begin playing Monkey Thunderbolt is to get the minimum capital RM100 and place RM100 for each wager first. Winning RM100 will be your target. At first, you should only place bet of RM1 at the lantern RM100, RM125 and RM175 and you must try to keep on bet this wager level until you win the first RM100. According to the average estimation, you will probably get repetition within 15 times for this bet to attain this target.

According to the experience from good players, with the above winning RM100, it will be an advantage for you in the next steps because you have already got RM100 back and take the higher winning chance of next bet, so you do not give up until you can finish this first mission. After hitting one of your bets, then you are able to initialize finding out larger bet level as RM2, RM3, RM4 or any parts of your ability.

Remembering the above useful Monkey Thunderbolt tips and applying them as playing this amazing slot game at casino will be able to bring luckiness and higher bet winning opportunities. Now, spend your time on checking out this slot game with the legendary monkeys and wagering for races to win the huge reward.

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